About Us

Our business model provides a wide variety of exposure for our internal I.T. department, since we work with so many different industries. This keeps all our employees very up-to-date, in terms of education and exposure to new ideas.

At KooL-I.P. we will tailor a solution that works best for our clients, regardless of the technology that is required.  We don’t settle and neither should you.  We already have a comprehensive repository of solutions that we support; some are off the shelf products from other vendors and some we have had to create ourselves.

Example: Knowing what services make sense to run in the cloud and what makes sense to run on-premises is key to keeping companies performing efficiently.  Knowing how to manage remote access and mobile apps is very important to security and reliability.  Technology should be used for what it was designed for and people should have access to the technology that best suits their needs – not the technology that someone wants to sell them.

We are a very significant asset to business decision makers, especially for companies that are managing growth and fast paced change.

Kool-I.P. maintains certification and partnerships with all technology we support.